What does ECA do?

  • provides a strong state voice that speaks out in the best interests of children and is committed to the implementation of the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child

  • is a knowledge broker and acts as a link between quality-assured knowledge about children and those who need information.  Such people include the early childhood profession in care and edcuation settings, parents and grandparents, the media and students, government and officials, and other professionals who work with young children

  • promotes high qualityenvironments for children, where staff: child ratios and the qualifications and qualities of staff enable the development of trusting and stable relationships which underpin the growth, learning and development of young children

  • supports the early childhood profession through a commitment to the ECA code of ethics, professional standards and qualifications, appropriate remuneration and conditions of work

  • advocates for parenting support programs built upon sound evidence and focused on relationships, as well as promoting paid maternity leave and flexible work environments

  • work with other organisations who promote the best interests of young children

  • advocates for access, participation, attendance and retention in Indigenous and mainstream early childhood programs

  • manages a comprehensive website with details of our range of information, resources and latest news

  • argues for universal access to affordable high quality early childhood services and programs